We develop optimized multi packaging solutions for your business.
We integrate your project offering solutions tailored to your needs, aiming at meeting high quality standards coupled with efficient resource management.
We combine the expertise of our team in the manufacture of packaging and co packing, the development of methodologies of efficiency and quality, allowing us to adapt several projects in their different phases of planning and implementation.
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We have a set of specific machines to make customized packaging adapted to your needs, allowing the packaging in retractable, shrink, flow pack, labeling, blister and thermoforming.





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Retractable made with transport resistant film, normally used for groupings.


Retractable made with crystal film, in order to be exposed in Linear.

Flow Pack

Economical packaging, with or without Hang Tab.


Method of production of trays and cuvettes, customized.


In High Frequency or term sealed, packaging commonly used for small products.

Tray Sealer

Process of sealing thermoformed trays.

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